By Laws

By Laws for "Warner Robins Camera Club"

Revised February 2016



This organization shall be known as the “Warner Robins Camera Club:



The purpose of the Club shall be to educate, encourage, and expand the knowledge and skills of its members in the art and science of Digital Photography by 1) Providing constructive assessment, helpful suggestions, and needed encouragement to beginners, 2) Providing lectures and studies for the benefit of all members, 3) Keeping abreast of all new digital processes and techniques, 4) Maintaining a Web site that serves the purpose of (a) keeping the membership informed of items of Club news and information; (b) introducing the public to the Club, and (c) providing a repository for Club articles and providing members with space to display a gallery of their work on-line, and finally, 5) Promote good fellowship.



Membership in the Club is available to those interested in digital photography who are looking for a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which to gain or share knowledge and insights into any and all aspects of the craft.

There shall be two levels of membership. General membership is intended for beginners and will afford them more opportunities for critique and competition. Advanced membership is intended for those who have achieved measurable success in the art. Advanced members are expected to serve as critique givers and competition judges to General members. The initial level of membership shall be determined by the member. A General member may be re-classified as an Advanced member by the Club’s Executive Board based on their measurable success in the art. The re-classified member shall have the right to appeal re-classification, in which case the action of the Executive Board shall be upheld or rescinded by a majority vote of the Membership.

Prospective members must fill out an application form and submit it along with their dues check to the Club treasurer for consideration. Membership of any person may be suspended, when sufficient reasons exist, by action of the Club’s Executive Board. The suspended member shall have the right to appeal suspension, in which case the action of the Executive Board shall be upheld or rescinded by a majority vote of the Membership.

The annual Dues shall be determined annually by the Board of Directors and posted on the Club Web site.

The Board of Directors has the power to cap the membership in any year at a level the Board feels is most conducive to meeting the goals of the Club. The Board of Directors also have the power to reject any membership application for any reason, subject to a two-thirds majority vote of the Board.



The following officers shall be elected by the membership: (1) President, (2) Vice President, (3) Secretary and (4)Treasurer.



Regular meetings of the club shall have place, date, and time stipulated by the Executive Board.



The management of the club shall be directed by an Executive Board composed of the elected Officers (Article IV), the Chairs of the standing committees, and the Past President ex-officio. The Executive Board shall meet as often as necessary to transact the business of the club. Three members of the Board will constitute a quorum.



Standing committees shall be set by the Executive Board. Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board. Special committees may be appointed and discharged by the President as required.



The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Club may adopt.



The annual Dues shall be determined annually by the Board of Directors. The fiscal year for the club shall be set by the Executive Board. Quarterly reports will be rendered to the members.



Duties of the President shall be: To preside at all club meetings and Executive Board meetings; to appoint chairpersons of all committees; to act as club spokesman; to generally supervise and keep in touch with all club activities.

Duties of the Vice President shall be: To assume the duties of the President in his absence; to act on the Executive Board; to arrange and/or prepare programs for the membership.

Duties of the Secretary shall be: to keep records of the minutes of all meetings; to notify members of special meetings and events; to conduct correspondence of club; to prepare ballots for elections.

Duties of the Treasurer shall be: maintain financial and membership records of the club, keeping custody thereof, and to act as club director on the Executive Board.



The activities of club committees shall be determined by the Executive Board. The activities decided upon shall thereafter be carried out by the committee chairs and the members appointed by the chair to the respective committees. Standing committee chairs shall periodically prepare reports of activities and progress for presentation to the Executive Board or to the membership at club meetings, and shall act as club directors on the Executive Board.



These ByLaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a two-thirds vote, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting.



A Quorum of the membership for the purpose of conducting club business shall consist of not less than one-third of the entire membership.



Election of club officers shall be held annually. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee composed of three members not on the Executive Board. The committee will prepare a single slate of officers and obtain the agreement from the nominees to serve if elected. The Chair shall present the slate at the annual meeting. Additional nominations can be made from the floor.

No officer can be re-elected to the same post for more than two consecutive terms unless approved by the Executive Board.

Vacancies in club offices shall be filled by Presidential appointment, subject to approval by the Executive Board. Vacancy of the President's office shall be filled by advancement of the Vice President.